Principal’s Message


“Success comes to those who work hard and stay with those, who don’t rest on the laurels of the past.”

It is with a strong commitment to the quest for excellence in the field of technical education, that Government Polytechnic, Murtizapur was established in the rural area in Akola District of Vidarbha region and is making rapid progress in enhancing its potential and changing its outlook towards providing better environment required to impart the best all round quality technical education laced with morality aimed at fulfilling industry and social needs.

Teamwork is the hallmark of Government Polytechnic, Murtizapur. Committed and supportive government controlling authorities, dedicated faculties, caring and co- operative parents blend harmoniously to create a student-centric institute.

At Government Polytechnic, Murtizapur, we believe in continual improvement. So there are challenges ahead of us, however, I am certain that with the support of the government  authorities, staff, parents and students the institute will reach greater heights in the years to come. As we believe that education is not simply the acquisition of knowledge, but it is something that develops a thinking in the students which leaves a lasting effect upon the him/her resulting in a lifelong learning, I would like to conclude my message with a quotation from Albert Einstein: “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

 Mr.D.S. Dhoble
I/C Principal