Mechanical Engineering


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Programme with intake of 60 students is started in 2009 in this Institute. Admissions to this Programme are conducted every year in month of June/July through centralized admission process (CAP) by Directorate of Technical Education (DTE). The Programme duration is of 3 years. The Programme is approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and is affiliated to MSBTE (Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education). The department of Mechanical Engineering have highly qualified faculty and well equipped laboratories. The Vision and Mission statements of the department are as listed below.

To produce diploma level mechanical engineers to serve industry and society and to make them capable for life – long learning.

1) To impart Mechanical Engineering Knowledge to fulfill Industrial and Societal needs.

2) To produce Diploma level Mechanical Engineers capable for pursuing higher studies.

3) To promote Students for serving Industry and Society with high ethical values.

Successfully practice or apply the principles of Mechanical Engineering in variety of employment areas.

Achieve professional success with an understanding and appreciation of ethical behavior, social responsibility, and diversity, both as individuals and in team environment.

Pursue life-long learning through professional practice, further graduate education or other training programs in engineering science or professional fields.

PO1 – Basic and Discipline specific knowledge:
Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals and engineering specialization to solve the engineering problems.

PO2 – Problem Analysis:
Identify and analyse well-defined engineering problems using codified standard methods.

PO3 – Design/ development of solutions:
Design solutions for well-defined technical problems and assist with the design of systems components or processes to meet specified needs.

PO4 – Engineering Tools, Experimentation and Testing:
Apply modern engineering tools and appropriate technique to conduct standard tests and measurements.

PO5 – Engineering practices for society, sustainability and environment:
Apply appropriate technology in context of society, sustainability, environment and ethical practices.

PO6 – Project Management:
Use engineering management principles individually, as a team member or a leader to manage projects and effectively communicate about well-defined engineering activities.

PO7 – Life-long learning:
Ability to analyse individual needs and engage in updating in the context of technological changes.


PSO1 – Modern Software Usage:
Use latest Mechanical engineering related software for simple design, drafting, manufacturing, maintenance and documentation of mechanical engineering components and processes.

PSO2 – Equipment and Instruments:
Maintain equipment and instruments related to Mechanical Engineering.

PSO3 – Mechanical Engineering Processes:
Manage Mechanical engineering processes by selecting and scheduling relevant equipment, substrates, quality control techniques, and operational parameters.

1 Shri.D.S.Dhoble H.O.D M.TECH
2 Shri. P.D.Patil LECTURER M.E.(Manufacturing),D.B.M pdpatil1108@rediffmail. com
3 Shri. V.S.Paraskar LECTURER M.E.(Metallurlogy) vparaskar@rediffmail. com
4 Shri. S.V.Deshmukh LECTURER Ph.D., M.E. (Production), M.B.A sudhirvdeshmukh27@rediffmail. Com
5 Ku. S.S.Dandge LECTURER Ph. D. (Perusing), M.Tech.( Thermal) shruti.dandge@gmail. com
6 Shri. A.P.Chavan LECTURER M.E.( Production Appeared)
7 ShriA.P.Ingole LECTURER M.E.( Production Appeared)
9 Shri. A. R. Dawand LECTURER B.E.(Mech), PGDM
10 Shri. Bhanse S.K. LECTURER B.E.(Mech), PGDM

Supporting Staffs

1 Shri. M K Jaisingpure Tech. Lab. Asst. ITI (MMV)
2 Shri. V. N. Dhoran Tech. Lab. Asst. B.E. (Chemical)
3 Shri. D. K. Kahane Tech. Lab. Asst. D.M.E
4 Shri. L. S. Dhone Lab. Attendant B.A.

SR No Name Of Faculty Name of assistant Portfolio allotted
1 Prof. P.D.Patil Shri. D.K.Kahane TPO
Campus interviews/Internship/Industrial training
Student guidance and counselling i/c
Student discipline i/c
2 Prof.P.M.Kajalkar Shri.M K Jaisingpure Time table in-chargeDept.
AICTE activities
i/c (SWAYAM, MOOC, NPTEL, Scholarships, faculty development schemes, laboratory development schemes, etc.)
3 Prof. S.V.Deshmukh Shri. M K Jaisingpure Progressive test/Skill test/Unit test in-charge.
Dept – extracurricular activities i/c (tree plantation, blood donation camp, teachers day, engineers day, Gandhi jayanti programs, yoga and meditation, wall magazine, wall charts, dept. gymkhana activities, etc.)
4 Prof. A.P.Chavan Shri. D.K.Kahane Academic co-ordinator
Arrangement of Expert Lecture’s
Parent-Teacher meet coordinator
Arrangement of Industrial Visits.
5 Prof. A.P.Ingole Shri. M K Jaisingpure Dept. NBA co-ordinator
Alumni co-ordinator
6 Prof. A.E.Ghurde Shri. V.N.Dhoran TW/OR/PR/Online exam in-charge
Departmental cleanliness and house-keeping.
Micro project exhibition coordinator.
Equipment /machinery maintenance i/c.
7 Prof. A.R.Davand Shri. V.N.Dhoran Dept. asst. NBA coordinator
Continuing Education Program. (CEP)
Dept. library in-charge.
Student’s Seminar/Paper presentation/ Technical event, Quiz/project competition i/c
8 All concerned subject teachers All concerned lab assistants Laboratory in-charge officer

Sr. No.


Scheduled Dates

1st year

2nd & 3rd year

1. Term *July 01 – Oct 16, 2019 June 26 – Oct 12, 2019
2. First class test Aug 28-30, 2019 Aug 21-23, 2019
3 First internal Institute monitoring 2nd week of Sept, 2019 2nd week of Sept, 2019
4 Second class test Oct 14-16, 2019 Oct 09-11, 2019
5 Winter Break Oct 25-29, 2019 Oct 25-29, 2019
6 Industrial Visits    
a) Jalamakar Industry, Mzr 1st week Sep. 2019 1st week Sept. 2019
b) Thermal Power Station, Paras   4th week Aug. 2019
c) Jadhav Gears Pvt. Ltd. Amravati   3rd week Aug. 2019
7 Expert Lectures    
a) Personality Development Sept 7, 2019 Sept 7, 2019
b) CNC & Automation   Sept 21, 2019
c) CAD/CAM/CAE   Sept 24, 2019
8 Induction program for 1st and direct 2nd year admitted student Aug 3, 2019 Aug 3, 2019
9 CEP 3D printing   4th week Sept. 2019
10 Paper presentation . 2nd week Sept. 2019
11 Micro Project Competition 3rd week Sept. 2019 3rd week Sept. 2019
12 Practical exam Oct. 18 -24, 2019 Oct. 14-22, 2019
13 Theory exam Nov 18 – Dec 05, 2019 Nov 14 – Dec 05, 2019
14 Declaration of result 2nd week Jan 2020 2nd week Jan 2020
15 Tree Plantation Event 3rd week July 2019 3rd week July 2019
16 Shramdan Event Aug 3, 2019 Aug 3, 2019
17 Alumni Meet 1st week Aug 2019 1st week Aug 2019
18 Parents Meet Sept 06, 2019 Sept 06, 2019
19 Mid-term student feedback Sept 03, 2019 Aug 27, 2019
20 End-term student feedback Oct 16, 2019 Oct 11, 2019
21 Faculty meetings for review of academic activities    
a) Pre session start June 26, 2019 June 26, 2019
b) After first unit test/after mid-term students feedback. Aug 28, 2019 Aug 28, 2019
c) After second unit test/after end-term students feedback. Oct 14, 2019 Oct 14, 2019

Sr. No.


Scheduled Dates

1. Term Dec 09, 2019 – Mar 27, 2020
2. First class test Feb 05-07, 2020
3. Second class test March 25-27, 2020
4 Industrial Visits  
5 Expert Lectures  
6 Paper presentation As per MSBTE scheduled
7 Quiz Competition As per MSBTE scheduled
8 Project Competition As per MSBTE scheduled
9 Micro Project Competition Last week of Feb. 2020
10 Practical exam March 31 –April 09, 2020
11 Theory exam April 16 – May 07, 2020
12 Declaration of result Second week Jun 2020
13. Shramdan Event 25 Jan , 2020
14. Industrial training (6 weeks) 08 May 2020 –18June 2020
15. Parents Meet 15 Feb 2020
16. Mid-term student feedback 13 Feb 2020
17. End-term student feedback March 27, 2020
18. Faculty meetings for review of academic activities  
a) Pre session start 07 Dec , 2019
b) After first unit test/after mid-term students feedback. 14 Feb 2020
c) After second unit test/after end-term students feedback. March 27, 2020

Sr. No.

Lab Name

Lab Incharge

Lab Assistant

Lab Utilization

Major Equipment’s

Cost of Equipment

1 Design & Drawing Lab Prof. A.P.Ingole Shri. V N Dhoran 24 practical hours per week as per T-E Scheme Acrylic Material Model Set of Solids (dissected) 24800
Acrylic Material Model Set of Solids (Non dissected) 24800
Acrylic Material Model of intersection of Solids 24800
Liquid filled Acrylic Material Model Set to show Section Plane 24800
Transparent Acrylic Material Model Set of Planes 17600
Acrylic Material Model of reference Plane 13800
Model for Development of Surface 38000
LR OF Machine Design 25800
LR OF Elements of Mech. Engg. 24500
LR of Engineering Drawing 25000
2 TOM Lab Prof. P M Kajalkar Shri. V N Dhoran 12 practical hours per week as per T-E Scheme Model of Rope Break Dynamometer 21365
Mechanically Operated Breaking Mechanism for Shoe Break & Disc Break 24175
Board Mounted Model of Different Types of CAMS & Followers 10575
Model of Single Plate, Multi plate, Centrifugal, Cone & Diaphragm Clutch 17395
LR of Theory of Machine 25000
Model of Inversion of Single Slider Crank Chain 34000
Working Model of Epicyclic Gear Train 10000
Rope Break Dynamometer 9333
3 Power and Thermal Lab Prof. A E Ghurde Shri. D K Kahane 12 practical hours per week as per T-E Scheme Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod 42500
Solar Water Heating System Test Rig 40500
Model of Charts of Boiler 45135
Working model of Rotary internal combustion engine 7000
Model of fuel injection pump 7000
4 MQC Lab Prof. S V Deshmukh Shri. V N Dhoran 12 practical hours per week as per T-E Scheme LR OF Metrology & Quality Control 25000
Plug gauge standard make 5.55x5mm 19950
Tool Microscope standard make 0.25mm 49623
Cast Iron bench Type-300mm Make-Luthra 21850
Electronics Dial gauge Make-Mitatoyo 24810
Slip Gauge set 112pc German Make 22970
Box Angle Plate 200x150x150mm Make-Lutra 27150
Height gauge 300mm Make-Mitutoyo 23880
Steel ‘V’ Block 100x80x800mm Standerd Make 18450
Digital digimatic Vernier Caliper 300mm Make-Mitutoyo 24770
Digimatic Outside Micrometer (0-25) Make-Mitutoyo 20560
Dial Snap gauge 0.25mm Make-Mitutoyo 21870
Digital digimatic Vernier Caliper 200mm Make-Mitutoyo 31550
5 CAD-CAM Lab Prof. P M Kajalkar Shri D K Kahane   High End PC- Intel processor & windows, HCL 58946
Automation studio software 1008060
CATIA software VSR.20 932150
LCD projector Epson EBS-31 29500
LCD projector DELL-1220 25200
Think-3 product design education system 500000
Mid-Range PC- Intel based core HCL-LX 32940
Autodesk Education Suit for Mech. Engg. 518695
Lenovo Desktop Computer 679455
Network Laser AG Printer Samsung 11048
Desktop Computer Lenovo 365205
Buffer Control Station 715000
Distribution Control Station 735340
6 FLUID POWER Lab Prof. A P Chavan Shri. V N Dhoran 12 practical hours per week as per T-E Scheme Reciprocating Pump Test Rig 55400
Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus 37575
Flow measurement using Rota meter, Venturimeter & Orifice meter 48155
To determine Minor Losses for Flow through pipe fitting 41450
Centrifugal Pump Test Rig 48155
Pitot Tube Set Up 36185
Raynaulds Apparatus 31275
Board mounted Models of various Manometers & Pressure Gauges 20000
Set up for Measurement of Pressure by using Manometers & Pressure Gauges 30000
Water Pump Test Rig 28000
Turbulent Flow Apparatus 38000
7 RAC Lab Prof. P D Patil Shri D K Kahane 12 practical hours per week as per T-E Scheme Gas Recovery Unit 45000
Sling Psychrometer 2900
Cut Section of Hermetically Sealed Compressor 4800
Vapour Compression Refri. System Test Rig 54600
Domestic Refrigeration Tutor 61950
Vortex tube apparatus 42000
LR of refrigeration and air conditioning 25500
LR of thermal engineering 25700
8 Automobile lab Prof. A R Dawand Shri. D K Kahane 12 practical hours per week as per T-E Scheme LR of Automobile Pollution Control 24700
LR of Automobile Design 24800
LR of Automobile Engg. 25000
Cut Section Model of Mechanical Steering Gear System 17435
Cut Section Model of Hydraulic Power Steering Gear System 20285
Old Model of Four Stroke Multi Cylinder Diesel Engine 44855
9 MAC Lab Prof. S V Deshmukh Shri. V N Dhoran 12 practical hours per week as per T-E Scheme Strain gauge trainer 24856
McLeod gauge for pressure measurement 54400
Stroboscopic set for measurement of speed 54000
Digital hand tachometer 7290
Thermocouple set up for measurement of temperature 22586

Academic Year Date/Duration Name of Participating student Topic/Title Award/Achievement Conducting authority
2017-18 16/01/2018 Alok A Raipure Quiz Competition Participation SSP, Parbhani
  16/01/2018 Rushikesh S Hole Quiz Competition Participation SSP, Parbhani
  20/02/2018 Pradyumna R Dambelkar Paper Presentation 1st (Winner) RRKP, Murtizapur
  20/02/2018 Milind P Ingle Paper Presentation 1st (Winner) RRKP, Murtizapur
  20/02/2018 Rushikesh S Hole Quiz Competition 1st (Winner) RRKP, Murtizapur
  20/02/2018 Roshan L Bonde Quiz Competition 1st (Winner) RRKP, Murtizapur
2018-19 7/9/2018 Rahul A More Paper Presentation Participation G P Washim
  7/9/2018 Satyam B Fulzele Paper Presentation Participation G P Washim
  12/2/2019 Ram Dhole Quiz Competition Participation G P Bramhapuri